Tag Team Division

The Tag Teams in XGWL aren't as dominant as the days as Exodecai & Zodiack dominated the Tag Team division as Tag Team champions for over 9 months, but there are still deserving teams who can hold the XGWL Tag Team titles.

Team 619

Members: Arturo Loco & "Mackin 2 Da MAX" Richard

Height: 5'7" (Arturo Loco) & 5'9" (Richard)
Combined Weight: 360 lbs
Established: 2006
Theme Song: "In GOD we Trust" by Dyablo

Tag Team Finisher: Dropkick & Leg Sweep

Championships & Accomplishments

  • WWA Tag Team Champions (1-time)
  • XGWL Tag Team Champions (2-Times)

Not as great as their hay days of 2007 with their 2 Tag Team title reigns in WWA & XGWL, but they still the fan favorites as always. Plus, they're still THE fastest Tag Team in XGWL & CAW.


Members: Chris Cash & Joey "The Money" Dollars
Both at 5'11"
Combined Weight:
448 lbs
XGWL Debut:
Theme Song:
"Get Money" by Junior Mafia

Tag Team Finisher:
German Suplex to a Slingshot Neckbreaker

Titles & Accomplishments

  • XGWL Tag Team Champions (2-Time)
The "Wonder Twins" as a few have called Cash Money Inc. These Twin Brothers are both Technically Sound with an occasional high-flying move.

Big Business

Members: Mike Mexico & Chad Miller
6'1" (Mike) & 6'9" (Chad)
Combined Weight:
574 lbs
Established: 2007
Debut: 2007
Theme Song:
"Atomic Dog" by George Clinton

Team Deutschland

Members: Patrick Hamburgh (leader), Paul Berlin & Richie Stein
Height: 6'3" (Patrick), 6'11" (Paul) & 6'3" (Richie)
Combined Weight: 794 lbs
XGWL Debut:

Championships & Accomplishments

  • XGWL Tag Team Champions (3-Time)

This trio causes panic both in the locker room & in the ring. They cheat like no other.


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