Heavyweight Division

The heart of the XGWL Roster, but the Crucero & Women's Division are just as important.


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 245 lbs
Born: 1983
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Resides: San Diego, CA
Trained by: Self-Trained, TWF Wrestling Factory
Debut: 1998
Theme Song: "Classic" by Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One & Rakim

Titles & Accomplishments

  • XGWL Ultimate Champion (3-time)
  • Former WWA World Champion (1-time)
  • NYCW Champion (1-time)
  • US-FWA Champion (1-time)
  • CCL Champion (2-time)
  • CCL National Champion (1-time)
  • 2007 XGWL Wrestler of the year

Signature & Finishing Moves

  • Padre Popper (Over the Shoulder swinging Facebuster) (Innovated)
  • Sharpshooter
  • Charger Suplex (T-Bone Suplex)
  • Float Over DDT
  • Moonsault
  • Hurricarana

1 of the Fastest Heavyweights in XGWL. Only the Cruceros are Faster than XT. XT is well-rounded in the ring with this Superior Technical Ability, Submission skills, and a great Showman, XtremeTony is the complete package in XGWL. He is also the Owner & CEO of XGWL which is cutting in from full time wrestling. Since debuting in '98, XT has been in numerous feds from XCWA, WWA, XZWWF, TWF, ACW, NYCW & CCL


Height: 7'2"
Weight: 331 lbs
Billed from: Parts Unknown

Titles & Accomplishments

  • XGWL Tag Team Champion (2-times. Both w/ Zodiack)
  • XGWL Ultimate Champion (3-time)
Exodecai has held titles in many other CAW Promotion, and in XGWL is no different. After 2 dominant title reigns as 1 half of the XGWL Tag Team champions, Exo is currently dominating the Main Event scene with great title defenses. Exodecai has been in many CAW Promotions & holding World titles for those shows.

Slash "The King of Hurt"

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 286 lbs
Billed from: Parts Unkown
Theme Song: "The Enemy" by Godsmack

Titles & Accomplishments

  • XGWL Ultimate Champion (1x)
  • XGWL Tag Team Champion (1-time w/ Sherman)
After having a taste of what is to be the man, Slash wants to be XGWL Ultimate Champion once again. With his brutal style, it should be no problem. Many people are wondering what is in that bag that he bring with him every time he comes to the ring. There have been many speculation, but Slash has assured XGWL management that he has weapons in that bag for Hardcore style matches.

Johnathen Magnum

Height: 6'5
Weight: 260 lbs.
Born:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Resides:Los Angeles, California
Billed from: Los Angeles, California
Trained by: Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, Billy Graham
CAW Debut: 2001
XGW Debut: January 2008
Theme Song: "Come With Me (Simply Ravishing Mix)"

Championships & Accomplishments

  • XGWL Pure Champion (1-time)
  • XGWL Pro Champion (2-time)
  • XGWL Ultimate Champion (2-time)

Click here for Magnum's Official Profile

El Toro Extremo

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 284 lbs
Billed from: Tijuana, Mexico
Trained by: TWF Wrestling Factory
Debut: April 2007 on TWF
Theme Song: "Insane Luchadore" by XGWL Music

Titles & Accomplishments

  •  XGWL Professional Champion (3-time)

Signature Moves & Finoshers

  • Toro Gore (Running Tackle)

 The size & aggressiveness of El Toro Extremo makes him vicious

The Great D

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 260 lbs
Born: 8/7/1982
Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV
Debut: 2008
Theme Song: "Greatness Rejuvinated"

Titles & Accomplishments

  • EWA Universal Champion
  • XGWL Pro Champion (3-time)
  • XGWL Ultimate Champion (2-time)

Signature Moves & Finishers

  • Greatest Move of all-time (Leg Drop Bulldog)
  • Twist Ending (Playmaker/Overdrive)
  • The Great Elbow

The Greatness of CAW is here in XGWL, and is looking to once again wear gold (or Platinum) around his waist. He has the prototypical size that you normally don't see, but He is athletic & determined.
On the side, he is also a great actor.


Height: 6'4"
Weight: 235 lbs
Billed from: Italy
Trained by: XGWL
Debut: 2007
Theme Song: "

Finisher & Signature Moves

  • Apollo Slam
  • Ankle Lock
  • Triple German Suplex
  • Tiger Suplex

Titles & Accomplishments

  • XGWL Pro Champion (1-time)
  • XGWL Tag Team Champion (1-time) w/ Trey Steele


Tommy Kazarian

Height: 6'2
Weight: 229
Born: 1/31/1990 Worchester, MA
Hometown/billed from: Orlando, FL
Debut: XGW(L) Operation Freedom Pre-Show 2008
Theme Song: "Hypnotized" by Pillar

Championships & Accomplishments

  • SEA United States Champion (1-time)
  • XGWL Pure Champion (2-time)
  • XGWL Pro Champion (1-time)

Tommy Kazarian is 1 of the rising stars in XGWL. He has shown alotta promise in many of his matches.

Bruno Battaglia

Height: 6'4"
255 lbs
Billed from:
Los Angeles, CA
Theme Song:
"Bruises" Skindred

Signature Moves & Finishers

  • LA Riot
  • Powerslam
  • Low Blows
The controversial Linebacker from the L.A. Riot

Patrick Hamburgh

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 262 lbs
Billed from: Germany
Debut: 2006

The Leader of Team Deutschland has been working on putting himself in the Pro title hunt, while Paul Berlin & Richie Stein to compete for the Tag Team titles.

Paul Berlin

Height: 6'11"
300 lbs
Billed from: Germany

Rick Acid

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 247 lbs
Billed from:
Debut: 2010 (XGWL Debut in 2011)
Theme Song: "Push It" by Static-X

Finisher & Signature Moves

  • Acid Driver

Titles & Accomplishments

  • #1 Overall Draft Pick in the 2010 CAW Draft
  • WCW World Champion (1-time)
  • XGWL Pro Champion (2-time + current)

AJ Kool

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 225 lbs
Billed from: Columbia, SC
Trained by: XGWL Wrestling
Debut: 2007
Theme Song: "When we rise on our enemies" by 2Pac

Finisher & Signature Moves

  • Da Destroyer
  • 630 Splash

Formerly known as CJ Miles, AJ returned to XGWL after being traded to TWF in 2008. He is the leader of the Anarchists, and is looking to raise anarchy, and take names.

Chad Miller

Height: 6'9"
360 lbs
Billed from:
Kansas City, MO
Trained by:
WWA/TWF Wrestling Factory
Theme Song:
"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash

Finishing & Signature Moves

  • THE BLOCK (Swinging Sidewalk Slam)
  • Jacknife Powerbomb
  • Spinebuster
  • Samoan Drop

Championships & Accomplishments

  •  XGWL Pro Champion (1-time)

The former Offensive lineman has found a home in XGWL teaming up with Mike Mexico to form Big Business. His dominant size makes him XGWL's resident Giant being the heaviest on the XGWL Roster.

Trey Steele

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 270 lbs
Born: 1986 (Age 27)
Birthplace: Minneapolis, MN
Resides: Minneapolis, MN
Billed from: Minneapolis, MN
Trained by: WCDL
Debut: 2010
Theme Song: "Purple Rain" by Prince


  • XGWL 1st Round Pick (2nd Overall) in the 2010 CAW Draft
  • XGWL Tag Team Champion (1-time + current) w/ Apollo
This Rookie is expected to make a major impact immediately. In his last few matches, he made a name for himself.



Height: 6'7"
315 lbs
Billed from:
Boston, MA
Trained by:
XGW D-League
July 2007
Theme Song:
"Thunderstruck" by AC\DC

Show Affiliation: WCDL

Signature Moves& Finishers

  • Sitout Powerbomb
  • Spinebuster


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