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Posted on September 25, 2009 at 11:11 PM

XGWL Transactions


XGWL has parted ways with Current Buffalo Bills WR, Terrell Owens. We wish him luck in future endeavors.


All Post match interviews from In Da House 3


Tommy Kazarian's interview


Bob: Ladies and gentlemen the NEW SEA United States Champion: Tommy Kazarian.

*Loud uproar from crowd*

Bob:Tommy, first of all, congratulations on winning the SEA US Title andfor you it's been a hell of a ride to get to this night.

Kaz:Thanks, and yes, it has been one hell of a ride in order to get the USTitle from Andy. People did say that I had a snowballs chance in hellto beat Andy Morales tonight, but I proved the nay-sayers wrong and Icame out on top to win the title.

Bob: Now SEA already determinedtheir #1 contender for the title, how do you fell about defending itagainst one of SEA's top guns?

Kaz: Well, that's kinda interesting.I've never competed in SEA, but I've heard good things about theirbrand. Whoever is their #1 contender for this title, bring it on.

Bob: Now as far as XGWL goes, who do you have in mind as your first challenger?

Kaz:There's a well stacked roster with the likes of: Colt Cabana, JonathenMagnum, Danny Jackpot, Sherman, Dragon Boy, so really it's one of those'Let's just see what happens' moments.

Bob: Thanks for your time buddy.

Kaz: One last thing, shout out to the Dragons Den in Vancouver, BC, Canada for kicking my ass for the past few months and this ain't a win for me,for the Den, it's for you the fans, so thanks alot.


Andy's Post Match Interview:

Interviewer:Andy, You just lost the SEA United States Championship, I know you haveto be upset but what we wanna know is do you think you might ofUnderestimated Tommy Kazarian?

Andy: ..... You knowsomething......... *Grins*.......... I don't even understand whathappened........ I had everything planned and I lost...... I'm nottaking anything away from Mr. Kazarian. Did I underestimate him? WellMaybe...... Maybe..... One thing for sure I will not make the samemistake twice....

Interviewer: I take it that you are going to in....

Andy:Whoa ima what... Invoke my rematch clause? Actually. NO! Why? Plainsimple... So simple a cavemen can do it........ I have other plans upmy sleeve...

Tommy can enjoy his reign as SEA U.S champ because something tells me that his Title reign is gonna come up short....



A New Title for XGWL?

There has been demand by the XGWL Fan Nation about another title for XGWL,and XGWL Owner: XtremeTony is listening, and will make an announcementon the next XGWL Charged.


Other XGWL News

On the nextCharged, 3 titles will be on the line, including the SEA United Statestitle. The other 2 titles are the Women's title & Crucero title.Sources say that an SEA Wrestler will be challenging Tommy Kazarian forthe SEA United States title.

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