XGWL Newswire for 6/3/2009

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XGWL's new signings

XGWL has signed free agent Nicole "Lucky" Waltman to the WCDL roster. Also, there are 4 more undisclosed signings that have been signed to WCDL.

Join-CPV: Female Fury 2 is coming up.

The CPV that follows Malicious Intent is the 2nd anual Female Fury. As last year, XGWL will host Female Fury that will come up in July. After Female Fury, XGWL will have its biggest CPV of the year, In Da House 3 in August.

XGWL Charged Ep45 Preview

The upcoming Charged will be live from Atlanta, GA. A major announcement regarding Malicious Intent will be made by XGWL CEO: XtremeTony. Also, Sherman is set to defend his XGWL Pro title against Tommy Kazarian.

XGWL Newswire for 5/13/2009

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XGWL Releases

XGWL has officially released Samantha Bach. We wish her well in future endeavors.

Hayabusa Retires

It's been a storied career for Hayabusa. Even though he never won a itle in XGWL, he has given us some memorable matches.

WCDL Scouting the indys

XGWL's D-League is scouting some talents, and there is interest in signing some unnamed talents. XGWL Management will not reveal who they're scouting, but in the upcoming weeks, there will be an announcement when a signing has been made.

New Tag Teams forming?

As seen on XGWL Charged Ep43, Packrat James is trying to form a tag team with Bruno "Brutal" Battaglia. Will we see new tag teams forming? Only time will tell.

Newswire for 3/29/2009

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XGWL has signed Colt Cabana to be a part of the main Roster. Also, XGWL has sent Zack Starwind & Wrath to the WCDL. This will be a great addition to XGWL that will bring excitement to the ring,. Also, Tila Tequila, Lindsey Hammond, & Richie Stein are splitting time in XGWL & WCDL. This will help them sharpen their skills during the off days.