XGWL Newswire for 5/13/2009

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XGWL Releases

XGWL has officially released Samantha Bach. We wish her well in future endeavors.

Hayabusa Retires

It's been a storied career for Hayabusa. Even though he never won a itle in XGWL, he has given us some memorable matches.

WCDL Scouting the indys

XGWL's D-League is scouting some talents, and there is interest in signing some unnamed talents. XGWL Management will not reveal who they're scouting, but in the upcoming weeks, there will be an announcement when a signing has been made.

New Tag Teams forming?

As seen on XGWL Charged Ep43, Packrat James is trying to form a tag team with Bruno "Brutal" Battaglia. Will we see new tag teams forming? Only time will tell.

New D-League for XGWL formed

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As of 3/4/2009, XGWL has opened a Developmental Facility that will go under West Coast

D-League or WCDL. Already, WCDL has some talentsigned, and will be brought up to the XGWL Roster soon. Some of the XGWL talent will serve double duty & will be in the WCDL in San Diego, CA when they're not in XGWL TV.

WCDL Roster

  • Royce Da 5'9"
  • Braondon Thomas
  • Matt Ryder
  • Wrath
  • Tila Tequila
  • Ruby Carter

Thug Life CPV Hype

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Thug Life news

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Matches are to be determined, but in the upcoming weeks, the shape of Thug Life will be revealed.

*XGWL Women's Champion, Sarah Warfield will defend her title against the winner of the XGWL Top Honey Tournament.

More news to be posted as is develops.

New XGWL Commercial

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New XGWL Commercial

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Here is where to download the commercial

FileFront Download

Newswire for 2/21/2009

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The next Worldwide to be at Camp Pendelton

As confirmed during the Broadcast for XGWL Charged Ep39, the next show for Worldwide will take place in Camp Pendelton in San Diego, CA. Steps have already been made to have the next Worldwide in the Marine Base.

The Return of the Xtreme Hour?

After 9 months of being recorded, the May 2008 episode of the Xtreme Hour will finally be released. Future shows on the other hand is in question. Depending on the demand.

New signees to XGWL
Within the past 2 weeks, XGWL has signed 4 new talents...
  • Spiral
  • Juana Andrea
  • Royce Da 5'9"
  • Signee to be named later
They'll be making their XGWL Debuts in the upcoming weeks.