XGWL Newswire for 2/21/2012

Posted on February 21, 2012 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)'s reporter Lindsay Hammond caught up with Chris Klyne to interview the young man about In Da House 5 and Klyne had this to say.


Klyne: Sherman, Slash, Exodecai, Patrick Hamburgh, and Tommy Kazarian all want to win that certificate and cash it in to become the XGWL Ultimate Champion...All 5 men have won titles before be it world titles or lesser titles...they have all won titles....I haven't...I am the hungriest one in this match...I want to feed my appetite and if I have to defeat 5 others to do it...I will.


Out of all of us, there's only one who knows what it's like to feel intense pain and that's me. When I was hit by that speeding car, my body went flying until it wrapped around a tree. Many doctors told me and my family that I would never walk again


*Klyne tries fighting back tears*


They said I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life but when I turned 14, I defiantly got up out of my wheelchair and walked during my birthday, I knew I overcame odds that the 5 men in the match could not...


At In Da House 5, I plan on defying what is said about being the dark horse and overcoming the odds....To be XGWL Ultimate Champion isn't my destiny....It isn't my isn't what is written...It is the long culmination of my life...from the moment I was run down to the moments I sat in my room watching wrestling all alone to the moment I was drafted til now...To be Ultimate Champion...It means a lot to everyone else but to me, it means even more...More than Sherman, Exo, Tommy, Patrick, or Slash can even fathom...To me, it's more than a title, it's a stance that I, Christopher Reese Klyne, am unbreakable and if a speeding car couldn't stop me, then nobody can!


Diana Diamond made her intentions real clear when it came to the Gold Certificate match. During a tag team match in which Diamond teamed with Alice Blackwell to take on Crymson and Kendall Lewis, the match denegerated into an all-out brawl between the four women until Diana was thrown out of the ring. Diamond returned a few minutes later with a ladder which she used to decimate Crymson, Alice Blackwell, and Kendall Lewis. To make matters worse, Diamond placed all three side by side and threw the ladder down on them. Diamond was standing tall after that but it will be something to see when these four ladies go for a briefcase worth its weight in gold.


Other news, Bruno Battaglia was involved in a fight with WCDL's Crackdown. Battaglia made a few derogatory remarks towards Crackdown which CD did not take kindly to. The two were seen fighting in the locker room area until security broke it up after CD has pounding Battaglia in the face with some vicious elbows. No word on what actions will be taken for this incident.

XGWL Newswire for 11/15/2009

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Holiday Massacre canceled

With the possibility of the Holiday Massacre CPV being in mid to late January, XGWL Management has decided to cancel Holiday Massacre, and put Thug Life as the CPV that comes after Paid In Full. Also, ALL Eyes On Me will return & will possibly air in mid-March. Also, XGWL will debut a new CPV to air in May, and Malicious Intent will follow in Early July.


Preview for Charged Ep51

 A 6-Man match will kick off the show with Team 619 & Danny Jackpot to take on Big Business & Packrat James. Also, The NEW XGWL Pro Champion, The Great D will team up w/ Johnathen Magnum to take on Exodecai & Zodiack for the Main Event.


Chad Miller unhappy?

When someone as big as Chad Miller is not in a good move, everyone runs for the hills with good reason. Chad Miller has told that "As big as I am, I should DOMINATE! I wanna rip apart anyone & everyone that comes in my path."


Post XGWL In Da House 3 News

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XGWL Transactions


XGWL has parted ways with Current Buffalo Bills WR, Terrell Owens. We wish him luck in future endeavors.


All Post match interviews from In Da House 3


Tommy Kazarian's interview


Bob: Ladies and gentlemen the NEW SEA United States Champion: Tommy Kazarian.

*Loud uproar from crowd*

Bob:Tommy, first of all, congratulations on winning the SEA US Title andfor you it's been a hell of a ride to get to this night.

Kaz:Thanks, and yes, it has been one hell of a ride in order to get the USTitle from Andy. People did say that I had a snowballs chance in hellto beat Andy Morales tonight, but I proved the nay-sayers wrong and Icame out on top to win the title.

Bob: Now SEA already determinedtheir #1 contender for the title, how do you fell about defending itagainst one of SEA's top guns?

Kaz: Well, that's kinda interesting.I've never competed in SEA, but I've heard good things about theirbrand. Whoever is their #1 contender for this title, bring it on.

Bob: Now as far as XGWL goes, who do you have in mind as your first challenger?

Kaz:There's a well stacked roster with the likes of: Colt Cabana, JonathenMagnum, Danny Jackpot, Sherman, Dragon Boy, so really it's one of those'Let's just see what happens' moments.

Bob: Thanks for your time buddy.

Kaz: One last thing, shout out to the Dragons Den in Vancouver, BC, Canada for kicking my ass for the past few months and this ain't a win for me,for the Den, it's for you the fans, so thanks alot.


Andy's Post Match Interview:

Interviewer:Andy, You just lost the SEA United States Championship, I know you haveto be upset but what we wanna know is do you think you might ofUnderestimated Tommy Kazarian?

Andy: ..... You knowsomething......... *Grins*.......... I don't even understand whathappened........ I had everything planned and I lost...... I'm nottaking anything away from Mr. Kazarian. Did I underestimate him? WellMaybe...... Maybe..... One thing for sure I will not make the samemistake twice....

Interviewer: I take it that you are going to in....

Andy:Whoa ima what... Invoke my rematch clause? Actually. NO! Why? Plainsimple... So simple a cavemen can do it........ I have other plans upmy sleeve...

Tommy can enjoy his reign as SEA U.S champ because something tells me that his Title reign is gonna come up short....



A New Title for XGWL?

There has been demand by the XGWL Fan Nation about another title for XGWL,and XGWL Owner: XtremeTony is listening, and will make an announcementon the next XGWL Charged.


Other XGWL News

On the nextCharged, 3 titles will be on the line, including the SEA United Statestitle. The other 2 titles are the Women's title & Crucero title.Sources say that an SEA Wrestler will be challenging Tommy Kazarian forthe SEA United States title.